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Social Media Campaign

Brief. In the UK, the number of homegrown engineers has dropped dramatically in the past few years. Most of the engineering graduates tend to migrate into more rewarding areas and better-payed jobs, such as banking or finance. The aim of this campaign is to change the perception of engineering among teenagers in the UK.


Insight. Engineering is not only about maths, hard hats and fixing things. It influences more areas than one may think and whatever your passion is, there’s a branch of engineering that covers it.


Idea. Showing actual engineers working in unexpected areas (Fashion, Sport, Art, Health and Space) on cutting-edge projects.

Our engineers are relatable, young and break all the prejudices about the geeky and nerdy people we think we know.

Pavlina. - Light Painter


With a degree in Electrical Engineering and an artistic soul, Pavlina has combined her curiosity with her passion. She now lights up art galleries, exhibitions and fashion shows.


See Pavlina's interview here.

Charles. - Workout Hacker


Who said that engineering and sport are opposite should meet up with Charles. His background in mechanical engineering and the passion for boxing led him to create an app to train tomorrow's champions (or simply Olympic champions, you know).


See Charles' interview here.

Daniela. - Wonder Maker


When one is frustrated with a tool, some people just prefer to give up. Some others instead, just like Daniela, decide to get their act together and found a start-up.


Two years ago, Daniela created Gravity Sketch, a software that makes it easier to design and draw complex projects in 3D. Accessible to everyone, different from everything we've seen.


See Daniela's interview here.

Chris. - Body Rebuilder


Chris didn't really knew what to do after graduating at high school. He was good at maths and liked playing with gadgets, so he decided to go into engineering.


Looking back, he still can't believe  he's now improving

people's lives through wearable robots and prosthetic limbs.


See Chris' interview here.

Vinita. - Spacesuit Designer


When she was a 6 years old girl, she saw an interview of Helen Sharman, the first British woman astronaut.


From that moment on, she has always wanted to work in aerospace engineering. From designing spacesuits to monitoring astronauts, Vinita's work at the European Space Agency helps us discovering more and more about our universe every day.


See Vinita' interview here.

These posters, to be printed and shared with schools around the UK, show unexpected engineering projects linked with the 5 films.

The 5 posters showcase a 3D printed dress, an anti-gravity rollercoaster, a fire-breathing stage, a spacesuit and an indoor bike.

This booklet analyses the TV channel from a marketing point of view, displaying to a potential investor strengths and opportunities of the project.

Here you can see the application of the Key Visuals on Facebook.


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