Non è un gioco da ragazze!

Multimedia campaign

Brief. Design a series of

artifacts to show how gender stereotypes related to food are promoted by toys in the Italian market.

Insight. Our research shows that toys tend to become more and more female while children grow.


Idea. We designed every output based on this abstract timeline, pointing out how the gender stereotype gets stronger by time.

Dataviz and Insight Research.


We first visualised the data collected in order to find the insight.


The data show that the more the kids grow, the more the toys become “girlish“.


Brief. Conceive and animate the insight's implication in a “motion tale”.


Idea. Show the transformation process (from unisex to female) using the metaphor of a sweet factory.


Brief. Make the observer take a position against this gender prejudice related to food and toys.


Idea. We first summarized the insight in an outdoor poster. Then we created a flyer/toy which could be decorated by the kids in the way they wanted. This way, kids' imagination is free to say that cooking is a game for everyone.

The copy (translated) 1. A boy and a girl were given the chance to decorate their toy kitchen. Here's what happened.


2. It doesn't matter if it's pink or blue. Cooking is a game for everyone.


This catalogue is an editorial addition to the whole project. It uses all the images we collected and our artworks as a prime source to show how toys enhance food-gender stereotype.

This project has been realised with Valeria Aufiero!

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Creative Team Toolkit by Angela Cannavò and Nadia Conti. Contact us