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CooKing is a mobile app/service that allows users to offer and to attend home cooking lessons. The idea is born after a deep research on the cooking enthusiasts. The app's goal is to ease skill sharing.


After the registration, the users are welcomed to the homepage, which features the most popular lessons in the user's area and a search bar to seek for a specific session.



Each user is provided with a profile page, in which some personal information and the ranking as a Trainee or Chef are displayed. This page allows to upload pictures of the lecture taken.


The app has a ranking page, in which the user can check his or her position in the community and find out the best Chef or Trainee. Finally, a calendar helps to manage the lesson planned.



Here's the link to the prototype!

As a second step, we realised a video to promote the app online.The central message of the commercial is rooted


in the App's promise: with Cooking you will have the support of real people, you will be "Alone no more"



Stesso gesto, nessuna differenza

This commercial's aim is to make people aware of the prejudice that surrounds housekeeping, even though it requires skills and brings an inestimable value to the wellbeing of a house. Moreover, housekeeping is also generally thought as a female kind of job, making the prejudice against it even more disrespectful and unfair.



We led viewers to this idea: why is being a housewife underestimated, if other kinds of jobs are well

paid and respected? The tagline "Stesso gesto, nessuna differenza" actually means "Same act, no difference".




Light Flow

The app has been designed to answer a brief for the promotion of Milan city center. Light Flow is an event created to celebrate Milan heritage that aims at highlighting the historic locations which we barely notice in our everyday chaotic urban lives. It consists of a series of art installations projected on buildings and monuments that change when bike riders pass nearby. Bicycles and lights connect these hidden locations with an audience willing to see the city with new eyes.



Here's the link to the prototype!

The app makes possible the interaction between the users and the video mapping installations. First, thanks to a navigation system, Light Flow helps visitors to reach the points of interest. Second, exploiting the context awareness feature of mobile technology, the app registers users’ presence, movements and noises in order to modify in real time the projected light effects.



Space Noodle.

Cult tv shows, movies, video game news and this kind of "geek" content are spread on a set of different channels and devices. Nerds miss a tv space to share their passions.


Feeling part of this tribe, we created Space-Noodle, a TV channel, specifically addressed to the Nerd audience. The carefully selected editorial policy offers: Anime and TV series, Eastern and Western, cult films, research and entertainment programs dedicated to the world of movies, TV series, comics, technology and video games. Hopefully, Space-Noodle would become a reference for Nerd culture and would make the user feel part of an offline/online community.

Just like the term “spaghetti western” refers precisely to the Western movies shot in Italy, the name, born from the union of the English word “Space” and “Noodle”, typical pasta from Japan, is a reference to two topics of particular

interest to our target: the science fiction genre and the Eastern universe. This name has the ambition to give a voice to the Nerd world.

This booklet analyses the TV channel from a marketing point of view, displaying to a potential investor strengths and opportunities of the project.


Creative Team Toolkit by Angela Cannavò and Nadia Conti. Contact us ange.and.nadi@gmail.com