Dickens meets Dickens

Instagram project

Brief. Create a digital, learning platform where high school students can enjoy the Charles Dickens Museum while contributing with their content.


Insight. Teenagers don't see their phones as a source of information. They just see the broadcasting potentialities it has. Students can be easily found on Instagram while experiencing a museum, keen on posting sharing what they see.


Idea. Create an online collection of the museum on Instagram, using the platform's affordances to make it a unique experience for every user. Instagram gives also users the chance to continuously enrich the page.



The user journey.

Step 1. Homepage - starting point. Each square corresponds to a room of the Charles Dickens Museum.

Step 2. The squares contain 3 tags, leading to the 3 different accounts of the Dickens’ family


Step 3. By scrolling down, the visitor will find information about the other rooms and will be able to contribute with other pictures.

Step 4. Each row collects the objects of a specific room.  The artifacts are told by the Dickens family members themselves.


The posts.

Charles Dickens' account.

My work routine was strict and during work time I didn’t want to be disturbed by anything. In this very room, I completed the Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, and Nickolas Nickleby.

Katie once said, “Father, I can picture what heaven would look like for you: a comfortable room, covered in red velvet... just like theatre curtains”.

Catherine Dickens' account.

I have always had an eye for beautiful things. I loved to visualise them and then translate everything into something I could create with my own hands. This is why, I think, I was so good at knitting and sewing. This overmantle I sewed myself is probably the object that shows that the most.

To me, he was just a dream came true. He was fun and smart, ready to make me laugh and yet so professional and serious when it came to work issues. He fit in one person all the qualities that I could ever love in a man.

When we moved to Doughty Street, Charly had just born, I was married to a great artist and life seemed to have just begun.

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