Brief. Create a webzine/website




Insight. There are thousands of

websites for professional designers

but there is nothing that makes

children discover design history and objects.


Idea. Conceive, write and illustrate a series of fairytales about how some of the most important design objects have been invented and tell these stories in a scrolling animated website.


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Here's the homepage...

...where you can find three designers, three artworks and three different activities for kids.



Philippe Starck and the terrible aliens from Zagaria.

This is one of the stories, and here you can read the text:


Nowadays, the universe is known to be a safe place...


...but it hasn't always been like this.


A long time ago, the Zagarians, small aliens willing to conquer the Earth, came from a far far away galaxy.


They thought they exceeded humans in strength and slyness.


"People from the Earth, we are here to seize your planet! Surrender, or you'll be destroyed!"

The website also wants to give the kids a bit more information about the artworks and the designers they've just read of, so we created two more "serious" sections.


Being this project a webzine, the designers and the stories would make room for new ones every two months. However, up on the right side, there's an archive where all the interactive tales will be stored.


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Creative Team Toolkit by Angela Cannavò and Nadia Conti. Contact us ange.and.nadi@gmail.com