The famous Charisma Label

Brand Strategy

Idea. We used Charisma’s strong link with the '70s English culture in order to create an intellectual yet rebellious brand and adapt it to the 21st century.



The brand book. This first artwork is Charisma’s brand book. Here we visualised the three main values of the brand (being provocative, sophisticated and indie) by using images taken from cinema, art and photography.




Brief. Bring a dead brand and its

identity back to life starting from

its heritage. Then, show this new brand strategy on different outputs.


The brand magazine. Conceive and design a magazine that collects all the stories that fit the brand values and which it can be identified with.

Idea. We picked stories from the creative field to create a strong and coherent brand identity.

The brand video. Create a brand video that conveys the emotional potential of the brand.


Idea. Charisma has become a mad circus, able to unleash creativity and to challenge artists' limits.



The soundtrack of the video is “È festa”, an Italian

progressive song from the 70s, chosen for its perfect coherence with the brand. At the same time, the style of

the video is inspired by Monty Python’s analogic animations.



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