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Brief. bandstand is C4 preferred partner for B2B collaboration, where C4 uses its media capacity for other brands. Together, we had the chance to work with PayPal, Tesco, Warner Bros, O2, Smirnoff and Nationwide.














The following ideas, except Paypal, are pitch material.

Warner Bros - Spiderman

Brief. Use C4 talents and capacity to raise awareness of the new Spiderman movie among younger viewers (Gen Z) while shifting Spiderman franchise’s perception among older ones (Millennials) by using C4 talents and capacity.


Spiderview. Find out places around London/UK where you can take pictures or selfie and look like Spiderman. This places will be marked by the Spider-mark and people will be invited to find them out, take a selfie and try to look like Spiderman. The coolest and most Spidey-looking picture will win tickets to the premiere.


It’s hard to be a teenager. A series of tutorial-like videos that show how to handle your teenage life while being a superhero. All the ‘tips’ will be provided by Channel 4 talents. Quick superhero meal to face teenager hunger by Jamie Oliver. Face the High School wilderness with Bear Grylls etc



Warner Bros -

Justice League


Brief. Use C4 talents to give an extensive and entertaining media introduction to the new characters (Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman) brought to the big screen by the Justice League movie.


Dating Misfits. A nerdy, longtime comic books fan goes on a date with a C4 talent on a special edition of First Dates (Alan Carr, a girl from Made in Chelsea, etc). The nerds’ goal is to make their dates passionate about Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. The date will be filled with comics talk, superheroes and very nerd jokes (Big Bang Theory style).



Brief. Using C4 capacity to show PayPal’s less known services, such as their return policy or the peer-to-peer feature. We identified six quirky ‘PayPal moments’, see one of them on the side, and combined them with a programme or celebrity from Channel 4 portfolio.


Tatoo Fixers - Return's on Us.

Using 'Tatoo Fixers', one of C4's main shows, to prove that with PayPal you can send back items you didn't want anymore...which doesn't always happens in other situations.


Brief. Starting from Tesco's current campaign by BBH (click on the image to see the ad) add a content campaign aimed at highlighting Tesco product’s high quality.


Grandma knows best. We search for Channel 4 talent (and/or regular people) who remember their Grandmother's meals with such great affection and – for whatever reason – may not get to see them as regularly as they’d like to. Channel 4 and Tesco will partner together to take Grandmothers on a journey to visit their grandchildren and help them prepare a meal with Tesco ingredients.




Brief. Nationwide is currently on the first line to fight homelessness in the UK. Rent conditions are so unstable that most of the middle-class risks to be homeless within

a month for a simple twist of fate. How can we make the C4 audience aware of the issue and of Nationwide’s efforts to fight it?


#truestory. Shoot interviews of people telling their stories on a black curtain. They will be shot from their back, like people revealing sensitive information. The audience is lured into thinking they are watching a refugee. When the camera turns around, the viewer sees the protagonists in an urban area,

in front of their former house.

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