Sealy - No ordinary mattress

TV campaign

Brief. Conceive a series of

TV commercials for the brand repositioning.


Sealy’s brand proposition is ‘no ordinary mattress’. It means that Sealy can bring its  unique technology adapting itself

to everyone’s need.


The ideas developed here, conceived as TV ads, meet the brand proposition with different approaches. Some reflect the extraordinary in the everyday life, some others are simply just ‘magical’.





This campaign is still in phase

of development.

Prepare for landing

Insight. One of the first things everyone does getting home it’s

to take off jackets, bags and shoes and throw themselves on a bed.


Rationale. After a tiring day,

or any kind of day, there’s nothing better than coming back home and finally spread themselves on the bed. It’s a glorious moment, full of joy, relief and happiness.

It has, therefore, to be recognized and valued.


Idea. Show people dreaming about the moment they will be finally reunited with their beloved bed with an extreme, magical and paradoxical fall. The dream or metaphor of this hectic life will be in slow-motion and with an adventurous, epic music as the soundtrack.

Express Yourself

Insight. The bed is the place where you are at your most vulnerable, where you allow yourself to dive into your passions and all those guilty pleasures you wouldn’t share with the outside world.


Rationale. There are a few places in the world where you can feel completely yourself, no compromises or rules. Your bed is one of those: it’s your territory, the privileged place to indulge in your unlikely passions and personal peculiarities. Sealy loves you exactly as you are and, whatever your weirdness is, it will always support it.






Idea. Show a hidden and absolutely weird side of people in the intimacy of their bedrooms and beds. It will be it fun, ambiguous and relatable.



Mr Gravity

Insight. When we lay down, we are using minimum contrast against one of the biggest forces existing in nature: gravity. It feels so good because we are not making any opposition, we’re finally letting everything go.


Rationale. All along human history, we’ve tried to contrast Gravity with everything we could. Our body, our intelligence and joint forces as humankind. But we’ve always been wrong. Because gravity loves us. Deep inside we know that we’re all happier when we can just lie on the closest comfy surface. Sealy knows it and it’s always been there to welcome us when we finally stop fighting gravity and start to love it back.

Idea. Create Mr. Gravity,

a character personifying this force and the ‘hidden’ reasons why it works this way. We’ll film our character simply walking, interacting with other people (therefore doing just what gravity does) while talking straight to the camera, wishing for this millennial fight to be over.



Feelings welcome

Insight. On a bed, you end up experiencing a huge array of emotions, because you spend on it more time that you would expect.


Rationale. There’s one place where you get good and bad news, where you love and hate someone’s guts, where you can

be reassured and scared. It’s a place where all emotions

can be experienced. This place is your bed.


Idea. Show a complex array of emotions, all different, experienced by the same person in the same place: a bed.

The atmosphere is relatable.

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