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Social media campaign

Brief. In the UK, the number of homegrown engineers has dropped dramatically in the past few years. Most of the engineering graduates tend to migrate into more rewarding areas and better-payed jobs, such as banking or finance. Generally, engineers are seen as technicians. The aim of this campaign is to change the perception of engineering among teenagers in the UK.



The work presented here is the initial pitch material, divided into two, separated ideas.

The client decided then to combine

them and use the tagline ‘This is engineering’ as the campaign title.



Here you can see the live campaign.

Why Follow? Engineer

Insight. Engineers don’t feel behind the scene because they know that what they do is out of the ordinary.


Idea. Compare common stereotypes of what it means to be cool and successful among teenagers nowadays with incredible things engineers do every day. Engineers will be portrayed in an identifiable and powerful way, highlighting their brain as their main working tool.


Password to the video: ra3

This is Engineering

Insight. Engineering is not only about maths, hard hats and fixing things. It influences more areas than one may think and whatever your passion is, there’s a branch of engineering that covers it.


Idea. Show the unexpected areas engineering touches through cutting-edge projects and stunning visuals. In order to make them relatable to teenagers, we linked them to a specific passion (Fashion, Art, Sport, Space and Health).


Password to the video: ra3

The hub would collect stories and other projects relevant to the campaign's concept. The breath of engineering will be evident and undeniable here.

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Creative Team Toolkit by Angela Cannavò and Nadia Conti. Contact us