Social media campaign

Brief. Use social media to increase the e-sales of pillows by linking Tempur to tennis, Wimbledon and their brand ambassador Serena Williams.













Part of this campaign will be going live in summer 2018. Unfortunately, due to Serena’s pregnancy, one of the ideas bought by the client couldn’t be realised.

The pitch

Here are all the ideas pitched to the client as a quick slideshow.

The idea 'Support Serena' was chosen by the client to be realised during Wimbledon 2017. Unfortunately, due to Serena's pregnancy, it has been postponed to July 2018.

The idea 'This sleep is power' has been partially realised.


Insight. In the UK, Wimbledon tournament is an even followed

by everyone, independently from the passion for tennis.


Idea. Use Wimbledon’s tournament as a way to make people support Serena Williams by buying a Tempur Pillow. The more Serena would advance in the tournament, the higher would be the amount of cashback they could get on the pillow.

This sleep is power

Insight. Having a better sleep allows you to do all the amazing things you do everyday. It charges you up, takes off the last 24 hours load and prepares you for another great day.


Idea. Create 3 films around the concept that ‘sleep gives you the power to be amazing everyday’. We combined the story of a single dad and a contemporary ballerina with the already existing assets focused upon Serena Williams. The three films would be an introduction for a UGC contest asking the audience ‘what did sleep give you the power to do’.

This sleep is power: the dancer

Together with Serena's story, we conceived two additional stories to show the effectivness of TEMPUR.


We picked a contemporary dancer dealing with her first time as 'prima ballerina' and a single dad.





This sleep is power: the father

These two films were supposed to start a series of video content for social media related to the concept of 'sleep gives me power'.


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Creative Team Toolkit by Angela Cannavò and Nadia Conti. Contact us ange.and.nadi@gmail.com