Properties Brand Identity


The following projects are pitch material. Thanks to the proposal for Newcastle Science Central, bandstand won the competitive pitch and is currently curating the site branding and communication.

Newcastle Science Central

Brief. Conceive the brand identity and communication system of Newcastle Science Central, a new academic and technological pole for the city of Newcastle.


Insight. One of the laboratories in NSC would be collecting and analysing data from the city environment in real time.


Idea. Develop a central communication system declined into 4 narratives, each for a specific audience, alongside a generative logo that would inform the overall brand identity.


The video above shows how the generative logo uses the data from the environment and the population to change during the day.


Here are some example of branding and messaging.


Brief. Conceive Mooretown’s brand identity, alongside a series of events able to create a sense of community and belonging among the employees of Thomas Moore Square offices.


Idea. Make Mooretown the host of cultural events and networking by using a light, playful and relatable visual identity.




Educate the wider community of the Thomas More Square new name. Then we'll promote #ourtown campaign.

By collecting data, insight and opinions from our existing tenants, we'll give the community

a voice.


While all that is going on outside of Moretown, within Moretown, we announce the #ourtown survey

through an ambient teaser campaign.

We find out a little more of what the tenants want and what makes them tick.






Show Moretown as a community. Use the insight collected to hero what the tenants have in common in a series of posters and UGC stories. Make them feel part of a whole.




Have a Moretown launch party,

which will follow up with other events and the unveiling

of the permanent #ourtown space.


Gramophone Projects

Brief. Conceive Gramophone’s brand identity for B2B customers or potential occupiers.


Insight. Gramophone buildings were an old gramophone factory and recording studio for Trojan Records, the main reggae label during the 60s and 70s in London.


Idea. Starting from the idea of a soundwave, we created a brand identity able to deliver the idea of change and revolution that has been part of the area since the 60s.

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Creative Team Toolkit by Angela Cannavò and Nadia Conti. Contact us