Brief. Advertise JLL’s residential services and properties. JLL target audience is not aware of their residential business, which has the same advantages, style and boldness of their B2B services. developed strategies.













The following creative is pitch material, the actual campaign is still in phase of development.

Home is where...

Insight. JLL provides its residents with amazing areas inside their buildings (indoor gym and pool, cinema, terrace) OR JLL residences are more than just houses. Their interior design and the amazing benefits offered by JLL define a new housing experience.


Idea. Starting from the idea that there are things one only does among closed walls, we flipped upside down the meaning of the words with unexpected visuals.



Curated Home

Insight. JLL is not for everyone. Its target audience is modern, open-minded, of high class but expert of the current lifestyle. How can we describe JLL ideal residents while showing its unique housing features?


Idea. Showing JLL’s property features through cleverly selected objects, unveiling the owner’s personality on the way.



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